A very final wrap-up around all human laboratory-related activities performed by IQLS has been organized late September, in order to close the project:

– Finalization of reference laboratories document: list of referral activities, general and specific terms of reference, criteria for sample referral, sample transportation, data management and reporting, legislation and budget.

– Finalization of the work performed around documentation management: masterlist of procedures, processes and forms, documentation management, templates, general organization

– Finalization of the syndromic approach and diagnosis algorithms for communicable diseases, articulated around 9 major syndromes (Acute Diarrhoeal Syndrome, Acute Hemorrhagic Fever Syndrome, Acute Jaundice Syndrome, Acute neurological Syndrome, Acute Respiratory Syndrome, Acute Dermatological Syndrome, Acute Ophthalmological Syndrome, Acute Systemic Syndrome/unexplained fever, Lymphadenopathic syndrome)

– Development of a draft workplan for the next months allowing better organization of work for all persons and stakeholders involved

We would like to thank all our Armenian counterparts for the quality of the work performed and for the very friendly and favorable atmosphere which allowed numerous activities to be performed during this long-term project.


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