Our Expertise: Strengthening Laboratory Capacities and Systems Worldwide

Founded by Dr. Antoine Pierson, international laboratory specialist, IQLS is a consulting agency whose aim is to help strengthen laboratory capacities and laboratory systems worldwide. The IQLS team has over 15 years’ experience in laboratory science, in more than 60 countries on four continents, and works with world-renowned health organizations and funding agencies.

The laboratory is a complex system, involving many activities and many people. Laboratory test results are widely used for clinical and public health purposes. To offer the best quality laboratory services, test results must be accurate and reliable to have the best impact on health.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified


IQLS’s quality management system is certified as complying with the ISO 9001:2015 requirements. The ISO 9001:2015 certification confirms IQLS’s attention to the formalization of its processes and its dedication to continuously improve its practices.

Focus on Laboratory Quality

Quality assurance and excellence are the key to producing reliable and trustworthy test results, permitting clinicians and public health experts to make the best use of them for patients and the general population.

Integration Across All Laboratory Activities

IQLS takes into account all activities of a laboratory from the collection of samples all the way to the final analysis report – and the different infrastructures and capabilities : medical, public health, veterinary and environmental laboratories. This will help to reach the One Health goal laid out by FAO-OIE-WHO strategic alignment.

IQLS’ integrated approach offers greater effectiveness and efficiency through workflow optimization, complex data management, and best use of resources, thus providing first-rate impact on both private and public health.

Improve Your Laboratory and Laboratory System Capacities Now

Thanks to its multi-cultural team, IQLS gives prompt and professional answers to all laboratory-related questions.
IQLS works worldwide, at all levels, from small rural laboratories to central reference laboratories. IQLS has expertise in laboratory quality management, infectious disease, Tuberculosis, Malaria, HIV, and International Health Regulations (IHR). For a detailed list of the type of support you can expect, go to Activities.

Integrated Quality Laboratory Services provides:

  • Technical consulting services such as:
    • laboratory system assessment, gap analysis
    • laboratory assessment,
    • EQA program,
    • facility planing, etc.
  • Training services
  • Tailor-made IT tools, applications, software