IQLS Training Hub Facility

IQLS harnesses the potential it gets from its great experience of field work (evaluation of laboratory systems, development and definition of laboratory activities & national reference documents, development of international and national EQA programs,etc.) to provide unique training modules.

Our Lyon headquarters are now fully equipped with a “Training Hub” facility designed to support multiple modes, from lecture to project work, discussion, test taking and back again.

Supporting active learning and enabling frequent interaction, it offers the perfect atmosphere for meetings, workshops, training and seminars. The Training Hub facility offers a complete range of technical equipment:

  • Mobile and flexible chairs to easy transition from lecture mode to team mode, discussion
  • Wall removable white board for work in smaller groups
  • Video projectors, interactive touch screen,
  • Wireless voting devices (short quizzes, various assessment, progress monitoring )
  • Significant library (paper/electronic format)
  • Demonstration materials (sample transportation, PAPR, Biosafety cabinet, chemical hood, anemometer, balance and pipette control, microscopy slide bank with digital microscope, etc.)”

Training Sessions

  • Atelier sur la mise en place de systèmes nationaux de laboratoire - Sept 2017
  • Laboratory System Implementation Workshop - Oct 2017