Following a first successful mission in May, Arnaud Orelle is on mission in the Central Hospital of Mahé to support the Molecular Unit from the Public Health Laboratory (20t to 31st October). The main aim is  to implement the dengue serotyping PCR technique and to establish the nucleic acid extraction from Dried-blood Spots. Apart from these main goals, he helps in implementing general good laboratory practices in Molecular Biology, and guide the local staff in Biosafety but also in Documentation management (SOP writing). All the procedure for Arbovirures, Influenza and Leptospirosis detection are also being reviewed.

This mission falls within activities of the “Réseau de surveillance épidémiologique et Gestion des Alertes-SEGA” of the Indian Ocean Commission and in the mission of Public Health Laboratory of the Seychelles. Ministry of Health:


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