Date: From Mar 20, 2015 to Nov 30, 2015
Country: Haiti, Laos, Mali

QLS developped a training in French on Biosafety for technicians and biologists of two laboratories of the Fondation Merieux: the Centre d’Infectiologie Charles Merieux in Mali and the Gheskio Center in Haïti. Each mission on site includes a 3-days training on Biosafety and 2 days risk assessment. The first mission in Mali is conducted by Mr. Arnaud Orelle in July 2015  and the second one in Haïti is conducted by Dr. Antoine Pierson in September 2015. The training includes pré and post test, international regulations, identification of the biological risks, the good practices in laboratories, management of the samples, Biological Safety Cabinets, Personnal Protective Equipment, etc.

A third mission is planned in Laos in November 2015.

A final report will include the results of the risk assessments performed in the laboratories and recommendations for the implementation of corrective action(s) and/or recommendations for improvment adapted to each laboratory.

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