Mr. Arnaud Orelle conducted a training on Biosafety, Biosecurity for laboratory staff in Centre d’Infectiologie Christophe Mérieux du Laos (CICML) Laboratory, in Vientiane, Laos. The mission included three days of theoretical training on Biosafety/Biosecurity and 2 days on some specific aspects of laboratory quality management system.

Participants were from various institutions:

  • Centre d’Infectiologie Christome Mérieux du Laos (CICML)
  • Fondation Merieux (FM)
  • Lao-Oxford-Mahosot Hospital Wellcome Trust Research Unit (LOMWRU)
  • Institut Pasteur du Laos (IPL)
  • National Center for Laboratory and Epidemiology (NCLE)

Mission performed for Fondation Mérieux France (Website).


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