Date: From Oct 12, 2014 to Nov 30, 2014

The Media Making Laboratory (CMML) based in University of Health Sciences in Phnom Penh, begin operating in early 2013. The CMML provides agar plates and blood culture bottles to six provincial hospital laboratories free of charge. Currently the CMML is financially supported by the Diagnostic Microbioly Development Program (DMDP). Other organizations and hospitals have expressed an interest in purchasing media and blood culture bottles from the CMML. As the CMML must become self sustaining by the end 2015, an assessment has been requested.

IQLS expert will conduct an assessment of the quality of the laboratory and the media produced to determine strenghts and gaps, will evaluate the organizational structure of DMDP in collaboration with the DMDP President and the Chief Scientific Officer. He will determine if the CMML is ready to become independant and provide recommendations and a plan of action.

A mission on site is organized from 20th to 25th October 2014.

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