Bacteriological stool management training was organised by laboratory specialist Cécile Guillerme in Ouagadougou from 9th to 14th of July in National Laboratory Direction building.

The training was organized in collaboration with ASLM, CDC and National Laboratory Direction. 13 participants coming from different laboratories across the country were present. Theoretical sessions were provided in the morning, and practical training was organised in the afternoons. Participants learnt about the diagnostic of Salmonella, Shigella, Vibrio, Campylobacter and Escherichia coli in stools, biochemical identification and the research of antimicrobial resistance.

They also created a diagnostic algorithm which will be the national reference algorithm for the stool management in the country.

The project is funded by the African Society of Laboratory Medicine (ASLM) project in collaboration with Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Laboratory Direction from Burkina Faso (DGPML).


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