The Fondation Merieux aim is to structure international cooperation in the field of research on infectious diseases.

One of the essential missions of the GABRIEL Network is dedicated to research and training in the field of laboratory-based surveillance of infectious diseases.
Its main objective is to carry out common research projects and epidemiological studies focusing two priorities: Lower Respiratory Track Infections and TB drug resistance. The purpose of this newsletter is to give all members of the GABRIEL network access to the same information and thus to promote exchanges, collaborations and partnerships.Why have “quality” in laboratories?


  • LQSI: a tool to enhance quality in your laboratory
  • Interview with Dr. Alex Costa
  • Fondation Mérieux’s quality initiative
  • Interview with Pr. Souleymane Diallo
  • Certification, accreditation and standards for laboratories
  • Interesting reading on quality
  • Applications open for the Chaire Docteurs Mérieux

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