Between May 31st and June 4th, Antoine Pierson and Arnaud Orelle provided a Tuberculosis Laboratory Management Training in Khartoum, Sudan (National Reference Laboratory for Tuberculosis).

The training is meant to target laboratory staff only (not appropriate for surveillance officer or  epidemiologist), and serves at the reinforcement of the National Tuberculosis Network, currently being decentralized to 5 zonal laboratories.

The objectives of the training are:
– To provide participants with better skills in term of laboratory management

– To teach/review major components that make a TB laboratory successful

Sample flow and workflow optimization, factors influencing quality, quality indicators, processes, biosafety, management of staff, reagents & equipment, data, biosafety, etc.

– Facilitate networking of high level TB laboratories

– Enable cascade-training of other laboratory specialists reusing all training materials developed and translated into local languages

The project was funded by World Health Organization (WHO)


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