Date: From March 2021 to June 2021
Countries: Guinea, Conakry

Within the framework of the project to create a Medical Biology and Vaccination activity in Guinea, IQLS was contracted by the Institut Pasteur in Guinea to support the creation of a medical biology laboratory in Conakry. This project aims at providing quality laboratory services and improving diagnosis and patient management in the capital city of Guinea as well as the rest of the population in the country.

The IQLS team carried out an assessment of the existing medical biology services in Conakry, with Dr. André Coulibaly on-site and Dr. Abdoulaye Nikièma and Dr. Antoine Pierson as technical support. They accompanied the Institut Pasteur Guinea in setting up the laboratory by developing a creation strategy in terms of design, human resources, QMS (Quality Management Systems) and recommended laboratory equipment.

The project began with the collection of socio-demographic and health data within the Direction of the Health Department, via documents on national statistics available online, and by carrying out field visits. Also, an overview of laboratory equipment maintainance and reparation in Conakry was traced.
Based on the findings, IQLS experts proposed strategies for the laboratory development and submitted a list of equipment, reagent and consumable suppliers for the new laboratory.

The construction of the site was launched early 2021. The IQLS mission was accomplished after the previously mentioned activities, but the creation of a medical biology laboratory in Conackry is successfully moving forward.

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