Date: From April 2020 to June 2022
Countries: Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar

IQLS is part of the The SEALAB project, which is a regional global health project that aims to strengthen national health systems in Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar to increase capacity to respond to infectious diseases that potentially pose epidemic and zoonotic risks. The project focuses on strengthening the capacity of laboratory staff, the quality management system, data processing and the supervision of laboratories by the authorities. The project is made possible by funding from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).  The consortium is composed of IQLS,  NRL Science of Quality and the Lead Organisation – the Mérieux Foundation.

Following assessment of laboratory systems, an action plan that takes into account national priorities for each partner country is validated by leaders of  human health and animal health sectors. SEALAB Consortium partners are responsible for the implementation of activities to strengthen skills as defined by specific objectives, namely capacity building for laboratory diagnosis, quality system management, data management and laboratory system supervision. Aligned with national strategies and policies, these activities are conducted by partners in close collaboration with national health authorities to ensure sustainability of the SEALAB project.

Exchange at national and regional levels is encouraged through a dedicated project website that keeps all stakeholders updated on progress.

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