The training workshop was focusing on technical and conceptual issues of Quality Assurance in Malaria Microscopy, raised by the implementation of the National Programme for Elimination of Malaria in the Kingdom of Cambodia. The objectives of the training module are to provide knowledge on the following points to CNM staff:

•    Laboratory biosafety
•    Premises organization and optimization
•    Documentation management and QA documentation
•    Quality assurance manual, quality policy, process approach
•    Reagents and consumables management
•    Staff management
•    Equipment management
•    Cold chain management
•    Internal quality control
•    External quality assessment
•    Quality Assurance, quality indicators
•    Norms and standards for laboratories
•    Certification and accreditation

All the training materials were available in English and in Khmer.

Training week has been split between 2 types of activities:

•    Theoretical lectures in the morning, which could be interrupted at any moment by participants for questions or comments, and followed by discussions.

•    Workshop during afternoons, in which participants were assigned different activities to perform as a group, before presenting it to others.

Three different workshops have been organized:

1)    Policy workshop
2)    Documentation
3)    Staff management

Each of these workshops offered participants a good opportunity for active discussion between them, and with the support of facilitators. For each workshop and for each group, result of the work was presented to all.