In November and December 2013, Dr Antoine Pierson and Mr Arnaud Orelle performed a 4-week laboratory assessment in India.
Not less than 47 laboratories were assessed (4 Medical college; 28 District labs; 8 CHC and 8 PHC), in 13 different States within the country. Two different laboratory system were also assessed (IDSP System and Tamilnadu State). 14 local assessors were trained for standardized facility assessment, using a laboratory assessment tool specific for India.

The purpose of the mission was to provide technical assistance to India for the following activities: 1) Customization of the Laboratory Assessment Tool for Laboratory Facilities; 2) Training of the assessors on laboratory assessments and; 3) Conducting the laboratory assessments of laboratories under various system.

Local CDC staff also took part to the process, supported by US-CDC from Atlanta.

We acknowledge all actors, stakeholders and laboratory manager and staff for their welcoming collaboration.


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