IQLS is pleased to have assisted the Government of Armenia (GoAM) in improving laboratory networks,  biosafety, biosecurity, risk management and increasing quality management systems in both human and veterinary laboratories across the country. This project was supported by ISTC (International Science and technical Center, Astana Kazakhstan) under DTRA funding (Defense Threat Reduction Agency, USA).

The overall project goal was to develop systems for detecting, diagnosing, reporting and securing pathogens, both dangerous pathogens (EDPs) and non-EDPs by implementing “One-Health” principles and using a syndromic approach.

After an initial assessment of laboratories, staff competencies and communication, IQLS provided theoretical and hands-on training sessions to a total of 443 laboratory specialists from 44 laboratories, including 7 public health, 6 veterinary, and 31 hospital labs.

Workshops covered the following topics:

  •   Sample transportation and flow
  •   Laboratory Quality Management Systems
  •   Implementation of a reference and referral systemStaff competencies in laboratories
  •   Design and implementation of diagnostic algorithms and syndromic approach
  •   Laboratory tiered-level systems
  •   Equipment maintenance and management
  •   Laboratory diagnostics techniques (bacteriology, serology and molecular biology)
  •   Implementation of a national External Quality Assessment program, participation to International EQA programs for reference labs
  •   Biosafety and biosecurity

Upgraded laboratory capabilities in Armenia will allow them to conduct safe, secure and sustainable disease surveillance and responses as well as let them better comply with the World Health Organization’s (WHO) International Health Regulations (IHRs) and the World Organization for Animal Health’s (OIE) disease reporting guidelines.

Numerous IQLS staff and consultants worked on this project, including:

  • Human lab specialists: Julius Manjangwa (on-site full time), Obert Kachuwaire, Antoine Pierson, Arnaud Orelle, Pauline Lévigne, Cécile Guillerme, Frédéric Marti, Eric Garnotel and Coosje Tuijn
  • Veterinary/food safety lab specialists: Zara Davtyan (on-site full time), Arsen Zakaryan, Sylvain Naulot and Jérôme Chatard
  • Quality Manager: Marisha Chandrashekha
  • Staff for project management, logistics and finance support