LabCompanion® is an open-source software (SaaS) developed by IQLS to simplify and optimize a One Health laboratory network management. It can be used by any country to manage its national laboratory network organization for any type of laboratory (human, vet, food, water, entomology, etc.)

LabCompanion® currently offers 4 initial modules to effectively manage training, supervision, equipment, workload, and shortage. To get more information about the software, visit or contact

LabCompanion® as GLLP capstone project in Armenia

LabCompanion® was presented to key GLLP stakeholders in Armenia, such as the National Center for Disease Control (NCDCP), Especially Dangerous Pathogen (EDP) Vet Lab, Food Safety lab, Tuberculosis (TB) lab, National Center for Infectious Diseases (NCID) and Armenian National Agrarian University (ANAU) to establish commitment to its implementation in the country. A total of 11 key GLLP stakeholders were introduced to the software, and they expressed willingness to implement it in Armenia. The ANAU faculty members showed support to the project and would like to use LabCompanion for the university laboratories.

After the successful introduction of LabCompanion® to different stakeholders in the country, IQLS initiated the implementation of the software as part of the GLLP capstone project for pilot testing by selected GLLP participants. During the whole testing time, the participants will be supported by their GLLP mentors.

IQLS expert and LabCompanion® technical referent Ms. Zaruhi Davtyan carried out several trainings on its set-up and usage to selected GLLP mentors and participants for further pilot testing in the participating laboratories (NCDCP Reference Lab, NCDCP Shirak branch, NCDCP Syunik branch, EDP Vet Lab, Food Safety lab, TB lab, ANAU). The trainings took place in 3 Armenian cities- Yerevan, Kapan, Gyumri. They were attended by 9 GLLP participants and 7 GLLP mentors, who are now able to employ the software in their laboratories. 

During the first phases of the implementation, LabCompanion® has received positive feedback from the participants, saying that “It is a useful tool for laboratory network management, and it will optimize administration of various laboratory components as they are managed from a single interface”.

The pilot testing is ongoing from January to May 2022. During this year other modules will be developed and added to LabCompanion: national documentation management, biobank management, national EQA panel testing, or inventory management as suggested by Armenian stakeholders.