Laboratory System Implementation Workshop – Oct 2017

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The 5-day workshop was organized at IQLS with the support of Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC). Two countries namely Ghana and Liberia participated in this workshop.

It covered 4 main themes:

• Laboratory Coordination / Regulation / Inspection

• Reference laboratories and Referral Systems

• Human Resources Management, Training and Security

• Quality Management Systems / External Quality Assessment Programs

The main objectives were to bring together experts from 2 neighboring countries sharing similar problems and challenges, stimulate exchanges and networking between them, and develop or update each country’s national documents and business plan for the next 6 months.

Profile of participants

Participants shall be laboratory specialists with the following profiles:

• Senior specialist working at MoH level for laboratory coordination (“laboratory
bureau”, “laboratory direction”, etc.)

• Specialist in charge of national management for laboratories: equipment, supplies, EQA,
biosafety, QMS, etc.

• Senior laboratory specialist from reference laboratory

• Senior laboratory specialist from regional or provincial laboratory

• University professor in charge of future laboratory specialist training (residents, PhD)

Participating countries


Expected results

At the end of the workshop, each country will be able to rely on:

• Theoretical training and training material on the four themes addressed during the workshop

• Supplementary documentation in relation with the 4 themes

• A 6 month action plan for laboratory system implementation

• A draft (or update) document addressing the following issues: 

  •       – Laboratory coordination.
  •       – Laboratory regulations and inspection
  •       – Laboratory tiered levels
  •       – Reference laboratories and referral system
  •       – Staff, training and equipment management
  •       – National QMS program, national EQA program


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