Within the Regional Diagnostic Strengthening initiative, supported by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control And Prevention, IQLS is organizing a Laboratory EQA webinar series.

The second session on EQA specimen management and result evaluation will take place on Thursday, 2 May 2024, 3.00-5:00 pm ICT, and it will focus on the concepts and processes of EQA specimen management and results evaluation.

During an interactive session facilitated by Dr. Antoine Pierson, you will be introduced to proficiency test item preparation and control, focusing on the different types of samples applicable to various EQA test schemes, as well as requirements and various statistical test methods employed for the evaluation of EQA test schemes.

We will also hear from our guest speaker, Dr. Michael A. Noble, sharing his experience on the production and use of simulated samples for microbiology EQA.

Learning objectives

After completing the webinar, the participants will be able to:

  • Describe the general organization of an EQA scheme for sample preparation
  • Identify different types of samples for EQA
  • Determine the factors to be consider for sample control 
  • List statistical methods for the evaluation of EQA results

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