E-mail: zakaryan@iqls.net
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Dr. Zakaryan obtained his PhD in immunology/molecular biology in 2001 and then continued his research as a postdoctoral scientist in Infectious Disease Research Institute (Seattle, USA), and later at the department of Immunology at the University of Washington (Seattle, USA).

He has 20+ years of an extensive international medical and veterinary laboratories experience. During his work on international projects with aim to improve national laboratory systems, he gained extensive experience in BS&S assessment/plan/risk management, implementation of laboratory QMS and ISO standards. Also he held various trainings related to lab technics such as PCR, ELISA, microbiology, cell culture, clinical chemistry, BSL2/ABSL2, BSL3/ABSL3, laboratory design, and GLP/GMP lab environment.

If you ever decide to visit him personally in Montreal, at the moment you stepped in you will be obligated to pass the face control which is handled by his dog, the main person of the house so think before you go.