Anton Toporkov is the instructional designer for IQLS. He develops the IQLS distance learning strategy and coordinates the creation of learning materials by experts from all over the world.

Before joining IQLS, Anton worked on multilingual projects as an instructional designer and eLearning developer. He has strong international experience working for several NGOs in France and in higher education in Russia. Anton speaks fluently French, Russian, English, and Spanish and has a good level of Italian.

Anton holds a Specialist degree in Public Management from the Russian State University for the Humanities (Moscow) and a Master’s degree in Communication from the French Press Institute (Paris). He also holds a certification in Instructional Design and Technology from the University of Maryland (US).

In his spare time, Anton loves reading contemporary literature, watching independent movies, and cooking Italian dishes. Anton is also a passionate hiker – in summer 2020, he walked about 1,000 km across the south of France, from Arles to the French Basque Country.