Laboratory Facility Design

IQLS experts can help laboratories to upgrade, redesign or even build new laboratory facilities from scratch, for BSL2, BSL2+ and BSL3 laboratories. This includes:

Upgrade and redesign

  • Laboratory blueprinting
  • Propositions for reorganization and workflow optimization
  • Adapted, updated blueprinting
  • Cost estimates
  • Links with architects and builders

Design from scratch

  • Links with beneficiaries
  • Plan for potential laboratory evolution over the next 10 years
  • Compliance with chosen standard (national standards, ISO standards)
  • Cost estimates
  • Links with architects and builders

High security laboratories

  • Specific competencies for TB and influenza laboratory design and/or adaptation
  • Needs assessment, risk analysis, blueprinting
  • Direct links with air handling companies for negative pressure
  • Compliance with chosen standard (national, WHO standards for TB culture, WHO standards for influenza culture, avian influenza standards, etc.)
  • Biosafety training organization

Specific skills and certificates of the IQLS staff

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  • “Advanced BSL3 Work Practices and Procedures”, Eagleson institute, Raleigh, 2014