Influenza specific activities

Influenza activities are articulated around different themes:

Laboratory assessment

  • Assessment of Influenza laboratories, from regional to National Influenza Center
  • Development of a computerized specific assessment tool for Influenza laboratories, currently under development.

Laboratory facility design

  • Design or redesign of Influenza laboratory
  • Feasibility surveys, cost estimates
  • BSL2+/BSL3 design

Technical assistance and expertise specific to Influenza and respiratory diseases

  • Laboratory premises recommendations
  • Development and adaptation of diagnosis methodology
  • Help in adapting or developing SOP and general procedures
  • Technical training on molecular biology diagnosis of influenza and others respiratory viruses (PCR, RT PCR, multiplex)

Specific skills, certificate, training and experience of the IQLS staff:

  • Influenza specific experts
  • 9th Virology – HKU-Pasteur Research Center, Hong-Kong, SAR China-2012
  • 4th Immunology – HKU- Pasteur Research Center, Hong-Kong, SAR China, 2011
  • Bioinformatics and sequencing on influenza – CDC workshop (NICD), Johannesburg-South Africa, 2011
  • Influenza antiviral susceptibility surveillance WHO training course, Health Protection Agency (HPA), London, United Kingdom, 2010
  • Viral culture and titration (hemagglutination, inhibition of hemagglutination)
  • Molecular diagnosis (pandemic and seasonal influenza)
  • Human and swine respiratory organ ex vivo culture models
  • Molecular biology PCR, RT-PCR, qPCR, qRT-PCR, RNA and DNA extraction (manual and automated), multiplex
  • Development of real-time PCR techniques for virological diagnosis