Arboviruses (Dengue/Chikungunya) specific activities

Currently our arbovirus activities are articulated around two major themes:

Organization of proficiency testing program (PT/EQA)

  • Development of customized proficiency testing program
  • Development of associated documentation (policies and procedures, safety procedures, reports, certificate of participation and good performance)
  • Molecular diagnosis of chikungunya (dried blood spot)
  • Molecular diagnosis of dengue (dried blood spot), with possible typing
  • Dedicated and secured online multi language interface
  • Adaptable number of samples depending on the means and expectations (e.g. dengue typing)
  • Reporting at individual level (laboratory) and general (whole laboratory or group of laboratories who participated in the survey)
  • Personalized follow-up: technical assistance, recommendation

Technical assistance

  • Development and adaptation of diagnosis methodologies and strategies
  • Help in adapting or developing SOPs and procedure
  • Technical training on molecular biology diagnosis of arboviruses