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E-mail: chandrashekha@iqls.net
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Mrs. Marisha Chandrashekha IQLS’s Quality Manager. Before joining the team, Marisha was implementing her quality knowledge in the industry field.

To her, working at IQLS an opportunity to discover new aspects of quality (Lab-related quality, conducting trainings and implementing new standards)

Her role is to manage the quality system and promote a quality mindset around the company.  She led the project of ISO 9001 certification for IQLS with success (obtained in March 2019) and has been striving to maintain continuous improvement ever since.

Marisha practices martial arts. She combines real-time concentration and externalization of energy, to make it possible to manage situations and to find solutions to keep a robust quality management system. The system is in good hands unless she is facing her weakness: French pastries, especially macaroons.