Dr. Erika Ornelas-Eusebio joined IQLS in November 2020 as our Veterinary Lab Specialist. She will conduct activities leading to the implementation of a South American GLLP. The activities will include on-site mentoring of laboratory staff in relation to the implementation of quality assurance, biosafety and risk assessment, and ISO15189/17025 as well as training staff in different computer software programs related to laboratory activity.

Erika has worked in laboratories for diagnosis and research on animal diseases both in Mexico and France at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the National Autonomous University of Mexico and at the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety (ANSES), respectively. She has extensive experience in laboratory techniques for diagnosis and research as well as in the implementation of diagnostic tools for notifiable zoonotic diseases.

She holds a professional Doctoral degree in life sciences and health; a Master’s degree in animal health and diagnosis of zoonotic diseases; a Bachelor’s degree in veterinary medicine and zootechnics; and Certification in veterinary epidemiology.

Erika is a native Spanish speaker, and is fluent in English and French. She is Mexican ‒ therefore a great cook of spicy food ‒ and enjoys outdoors sports and connecting with people.