E-mail: tuijn@iqls.net

Coosje TUIJN joined IQLS in 2016 as a part-time Laboratory Technical Referent, taking part in laboratory QM activities and trainings in India, Liberia and Armenia. Since 2020, she has been a part-time Project Coordinator, overseeing projects in SEA and West Africa (Liberia).

Coosje has a BSc in Clinical Chemistry from the College of Amsterdam and an MSc in Molecular Biology from the Royal Tropical Institute in London.

Her professional background includes working in a rural hospital in Tanzania and later  in research at the University of Amsterdam, where she facilitated the setup of a clinical trial in Rwanda, among other laboratory activities. Coosje also has experience at the Royal Tropical Institute (Biomedical Research), where she acquired expertise in laboratory quality systems and management. She worked alongside peers to support the ISO accreditation process of multiple TB BSL2/3 labs in Uganda and Benin.

At Doctors without Borders (MSF), she worked as a lab/biomed advisor and supported field activities in remote areas of low and middle-income countries. Coosje was particularly involved in the setup of a large TB clinical trial in a BSL2 and BSL3 laboratory in Uzbekistan. Coosje continues to conduct consultancy assignments with multiple organizations besides her more permanent role at IQLS.

Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Coosje is a native English and Dutch speaker. She also speaks Swahili, which is useful for travel to East Africa, one of her favorite destinations and where she lived for multiple years. Coosje enjoys working in different countries and meeting new people from cultures all over the world.