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TBeLog® is a TB and HIV specific Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) capable of managing laboratory related data, from patient to analysis. It can produce numerous statistics and reports and pdf printer-friendly registers. It can be translated into any language and is currently available in English, Russian, French and Vietnamese.

TBeLog® is a standalone software, including data export capacities and trend monitoring at central level.

3 different versions exist, for Microsoft Windows and Linux. MacOSX version is currently being field tested.

TBeLog® is a simple TB-specific Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) specifically designed for limited resources countries. Its simplicity, user-friendliness, intuitivity and its low database maintenance requirements make it a great tool for TB and HIV programs, as well as for the management of TB/HIV co-infection programs.

TBeLog® can handle any type of laboratory, including the most peripheral microscopy centers. TBeLog® has been designed to run on a simple netbook, allowing long-lasting batteries (16 hours) and solar panel powered systems. Consequently, electricity availability is not a limiting factor anymore, and TBeLog® can be used at the basic TB microscopy (light/fluorescence) laboratory level.

TBeLog® can also be used at the reference laboratory level. All advanced TB diagnosis methods are already configured in the application: solid culture, liquid culture, Line probe assay, regular PCR, GeneXpert, other methods; as well as with DST.

TBeLog® has been successfully installed in laboratories handling around 1000 samples per day.

4 TB diagnosis modules:

  • microscopy (light, fluorescence)
  • culture (solid, liquid)
  • molecular biology
  • DST

3 HIV modules

  • rapid test/ELISA
  • viral load
  • CD4

User Friendly

  • Multilingual (English, French, Russian, Vietnamese, full UTF8 support)
  • Intuitive
    • laboratories of the country, laboratory staff names
    • demographic data
    • prescriber name
    • drug list for DST
    • Secured data entry & access to usage logsCountry specific data entry, making it it ideal for country level use:


  • For Microsoft Windows and Linux (recommended), MacOSX version possible
  • Available as a standalone software or as server application (physical server/web server)
  • Different levels of use (national, regional, district, health centre, small lab)
  • Different levels of access privilege (admin, edit, view, with or without HIV data)


  • Report library (TB/HIV analysis, patient history, statistics, full logbook)
  • PDF format archive
  • Data backup and export (CSV files, MS Excel)
  • Data extraction with SQL query, easy to add by end user (just placed in a folder)
  • Easy tracking and follow-up
  • Patient creation or identification (if known by the lab)
  • New examinations
  • Creation of sample sets and samples
  • Creation of the analysis request (which will make analysis result “pending”)
  • Results entry
  • Report printing (A5 format, paper saving) and archiving in pdf format
  • If needed, sample can be sent to reference laboratory (confirmation, culture, DST), which will be tracked by the application
  • TB or HIV positive patients need to regularly come back for a follow-up. The application will also track the compliance of these follow-up visits

Database of patients with unlimited number of examinations, sample sets and samples

  • Tested with more than 50 000 patients without any problem or slow operation

Specific TB Results Modules

  • Microscopy / light and fluorescence
  • Culture (solid / liquid)
  • DST (liquid culture, solid culture, Line probe assay, PCR, GeneXpert, other) with customizable ATB list
  • Other identification (Line probe assay, PCR, GeneXpert, other)

Specific HIV Modules for permitted operator only

  • HIV diagnosis (rapid test, ELISA)
  • CD4
  • Viral load

Data Entry

  • Regular data entry method, for each sample set and each associated sample
  • Rapid data entry method using shortcuts, creating a full sample set with 3 specimens
  • Barcode label printing (for specimen, request form, worksheet, logbook, etc.), barcode reader
    Pending results list

Data Extraction

  • Strong patient filtering system
  • List of specimens sent to Reference Laboratory (“pending”/”with results”)
  • List of patients follow-ups
  • List of ongoing analysis
  • Detailed statistics

Data Export

  • Full database or selected database tables
  • Statistics summary for a date range for TB and for HIV
  • All different laboratory databases can be merged into a single one allowing country-wide statistics
  • Export with .sql files
  • New .sql files can be produced by end user and placed into a dedicated folder: will appear in program menu next time software is launched


  • Examination report (data on all samples/results, except HIV)
  • Examination report, HIV (data on all HIV samples/results)
  • Patient summary for a date range (all results for the patient in the specified date range except HIV)
  • Patient summary, HIV privileges enabled for a date range (i.e., all patient results within specified date range)
  • Logbook pages for a date/date range
  • Logbook pages, HIV results for a specified date range

Database Backup – Archives

IQLS has developped several TBeLog® packages for you to choose from:

  • Application only (provided through download)
  • Application, pre-installed on a small netbook, using Linux Operating System (rapid courier delivery)
  • Application, pre-installed on a small netbook, using Linux Operating System, including solar panel and battery (rapid courier delivery)
  • Network version of the application (for large central labs), including netbooks, server, cables and on-site installation (on site delivery while installing)

Please specify the type of installation you would prefer in your request and contact us