Date: From Apr 01, 2013 to Apr 10, 2013
Country: Myanmar

The mission has been conducted by Mr Arnaud Orelle. This assignment is aimed at supporting building laboratory capacities for culture and drug-susceptibly testing for first- and second-line anti-TB drugs. This is essential for the expansion of activities related to programmatic management of drug-resistant tuberculosis, in coordination with the National Tuberculosis control Programme (WHO) and technical staff of the WHO/TB Unit. The objectives were : to support the building capacity of bio-safety level-3 (BSL-3) laboratories for tuberculosis in 3 regional cities: Mawlamyaing, Magway and Taunggyi, including infrastructure, equipments, furniture and consumables (including electricity wiring, voltage, regulation, water source and supply system, waste disposal, infection control measures, etc.) – To visit the sites selected for the laboratories. – To make detailed floor plan for each laboratory – To advise on required human resources linked to activities that will be performed in each laboratory – To provide detailed budget requirements for installation and running.