Malaria specific activities

IQLS is regularly working on malaria activities, especially in Cambodia (malaria eradication phase)
Activities are articulated around different themes:

Training activities

  • Malaria laboratory quality management training (3 days, 2011)
  • Epidemiology and role of the diagnostic laboratories (5 days, 2013)
  • Malaria microscopy training of trainers (2X5 days, 2013)
  • Malaria laboratory quality management training (5 days, 2013)
  • Proposal and scientific articles writing skills (5 days, 2013)

Laboratory assessment

  • Assessment of numerous laboratories performing malaria diagnosis
  • Assessment of some malaria reference laboratories
  • Assessment of laboratories performing the control of malaria RDT for WHO/TDR. Assessments performed in Cambodia, Ethiopia and Philippines
  • Development of a computerized assessment tool for malaria RDT control laboratories
  • Development of a computerized assessment tool for malaria national reference laboratories

Laboratory facility design

  • Design or redesign of malaria laboratory
  • Workflow optimization
  • Including PCR laboratory
  • Feasibility surveys, cost assessments

Laboratory networking

  • Development of a specific malaria laboratory network assessment tool
  • Development of a 2 days specific workshop on laboratory networking, for national level decision makers and key stakeholders

Microscopy slide rechecking activities

  • Development of a dedicated online interface for slide rechecking program management
  • Data entry, report management, statistics, graphs, lab follow-up
  • Installation in Cambodia in 2013

Malaria laboratory network management interface

  • Combination of different modules:
  • Slide rechecking management
  • Training management
  • Supervision management
  • Documentation management
  • Accessible by all malaria programs actors (lab specialists, epidemiologists, coordination, clinicians, nurses, pharmacists, etc.)

Panel testing EQA program organization

  • Organization of malaria microscopy EQA programs (panel checking), upon request only
  • Development of online interface for national microscopy EQA program management (rechecking and panel testing)