TB EQA Enrollment Now Open

published on:
Jan 26, 2017

IQLS is pleased to announce that enrollment is now open for IQLS Proficiency Testing (EQA) Programs on Tuberculosis.  Accurate lab results are at the crux of good health care.  These highly effective programs provide laboratories a way to know if tests are performed accurately and they provide results that are comparable and replicable. They also allow for errors to be detected and corrected.

Two Programs Are Available:

  • ITBC Program (IQLS Tuberculosis Culture): Microscopy/Identification/DST – 10 prepared slides and 10 simulated sputum specimens, 2x per year.
  • ITBM Program (IQLS Tuberculosis Molecular): Molecular Identification – 7 inactivated specimens for use in GeneXpert or LPA, 2x per year.

The TB EQA surveys are sent twice a year and they are identical for all participating laboratories. At the end of the survey, a confidential report with specific findings and recommendations for each laboratory is produced.

The next survey (October 2017) is already closed, but you can still enroll for next year program (May/June 2018 and October 2018).  For more information, contact Arnaud Orelle at eqa@iqls.net.

For more information about the IQLS Proficiency Testing (EQA) Programs on TB.  

IQLS - TB EQA  Enrollment Now Open
IQLS - TB EQA  Enrollment Now Open